Hair Grooming

Hair Grooming

For most people well hair groomed means being more attractive to others, being in style and keeping up with today trends. Others state, it is an event and a time of change and appearance and is considered a personal choice that is influenced by ones culture. Hair grooming is the removal, trimming or styling of body hair for the purpose of looking attractive, to attract a mate, for power, for religious reasons, military, hygiene, sports, and to enhance the appearance of the body. There are a variety of ways and instruments used to remove, create and maintain body hair, shaving, trimming, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and depilatories. Some instruments used are hair irons, blow dryers, clippers, scissors, brushes, combs, rollers and pins.

Shaving is the most common method and most temporary of hair grooming, it removes it at the surface for a short time then the it regrows. Some states that shaving the head is an experienced art form. Hair cutting or trimming shortens the it instead of getting rid of it. This method is used for creating and maintaining a specific shape and form, it defines a hemline, beautified the hair and get rid of damage split ends. It is best done when the hair is wet. Waxing method is done by applying hot wax to the hair and when it cools, it is quickly pulled off with a cloth or paper strip. Tweezing is plucking the hair off with a tweezer, this is time consuming and can be painful. Electrolysis is done by applying a needle into the follicle and applying electrical current into the root, which burns it at the root, preventing it from regrowing. Laser beam is the same method but laser beam is used instead of current. These are permanent hair removal methods. Depilatories uses chemical to melt it away.

Some instruments that are used in grooming are hair irons, they change the structure of the it by using heat to create different styles and waves. The curling iron/brush and straightener irons are used. The curling iron is used to create crimp or wavy hair and comes in different sizes, smaller for creating curls and larger for giving shape and body to the hair. Straightener iron is for straightening hair. Research shows that the straightener with the ceramic heating elements are more effective because it provides constant heat, it heats up very fast, straightens the it more easily and cause less hair damage. Frequent use of irons can damage it by causing split ends, breakage, thinning of the shaft, dryness and unhealthy appearance. Iron should be used only on dry hair. Blow dryers/Hair dryers are used for the drying of wet or damp hair, this allows for better styling and shaping. This is a temporary method and can easily disappear with high humidity or a single washing.

Hair clippers can be manual or electric, they are sold in kits for personal use and separately for professional used. They are used for trimming, styling and cutting. Scissors are used for cutting or trimming. Hair brushes are used for styling, detangling , assisting when using a blow dryer, removing loose hair and it also helps with increasing circulation to the scalp. They come in different variety, flat brush is used for detangling neat and tidy hair, round brush is used for styling and curling with use of the blow dryer, paddle brush used for untidy and unkept hair, brushes are usually used for longer hair. Too much brushing can injure the hair and cause scratches to the scalp. Combs are used for cleaning and straightening , they are usually used for shorter hair. Hair rollers are for styling and curling, they can be used with a blow or hair dryer. Hair pins, hold it in place for decorating and styling. Hair instruments should not be shared to prevent the spreading of head disorders such as dandruff and head lice.

Hair styling products are used together with hair instruments in creating and maintaining hair grooming while changing the shape,color, texture and style of the hair. A large variety of products are available, such as gels, coloring, mousse, lotions, creams, waxes, oils, sprays, shampoo and conditioners. Hair washing is important in hair grooming because it help with the removal of dirt, sweat, build-up of these hair products. Shampoo and conditioner are mostly used together because they help to clean and keep the hair soft and smooth, too frequent washing can cause dryness, 2-3 times a week is recommended. Conditioner also helps with detangling and manageability of the hair.


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