Male Pubic Hair Grooming Tip

Male Pubic Hair Grooming Tip

Male Pubic Hair Grooming is quickly gaining popularity. Recent polls prove that women like men who keep it trimmed or shaved down there so guys are now paying more attention to pubic hair grooming.

However, shaving your pubes isn’t just about grabbing a shaving razor and shaving. There is much more to the process, with the following tips you can shave your pubic hair the right way and with the best results.

What do I use to shave my pubes?
This is a question many men ask themselves, using a razor blade to cut down there is scary for any guy. The good news is that you SHOULD NOT shave with a shaving razor. It is dangerous and there is a better solution. The number one male body shaver is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom, it is designed to shave your pubes safely and avoid razor burn.

How do I go about pubic hair grooming?
You have two options, you can either trim your pubic hair or shaving it all off for a smooth look and feel. By using the Philips Norelco Bodygroom you can easily do any of these two. Shave or trim and remember to use shaving cream for sensitive skin because your scrotum is a sensitive area.

Ok, I’ve shaved my balls and now it itches!
In many cases, men will experience intense itching after shaving their pubic area. This is normal, but don’t scratch yourself and do not put on baby talc or perfumed talc. Regular talc can contain asbestos and perfumes that can irritate and infect your privates. The best solution to stop the itching is with Balla Powder. It is a talc designed for men and to use on any part of the male body. It contains No Asbestos and is 100% safe to use after shaving your pubes. It is the only talc that will give you instant relief from the itching after pubic shaving


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