A pocket door is the best way to conserve area in your house. Pocket doors slide into a pocket from the wall, which implies they don’t occupy any space when they’re open. They’re also convenient simply because you don’t have to worry about clearance for entrance swing. Nonetheless, pocket doors could be challenging to maintain and Folding door care for. Here are several tips about how to maintain your pocket door in great shape.

Lubricate the Path

Probably the most significant actions to take to preserve your pocket door would be to lubricate the track. The track is what the doorway glides on, and if it’s improperly lubricated, the entrance can become challenging to open and close. You should lubricate the track at least one time a year with a silicone-based lubricant.

Thoroughly clean the entranceway and Track Regularly

Another necessary a part of preserving your pocket door would be to keep both entrance and monitor clean. Dust particles and soil can develop as time passes and make it hard for your front door to slide easily. To wash the entrance, simply wash it down having a moist fabric. To clean the path, make use of a vacuum by using a brush attachment or perhaps a hand held duster. Then, wipe it down having a damp material. Carrying this out regularly will assist extend the life of the pocket door.

Replace Worn Out Parts

After a while, wear may take its cost on your pocket door. The rollers or tires that assist the doorway slip should get replaced, plus the keep track of alone. If you see that your pocket door is now difficult to open up or close up, or if perhaps it’s making noises when you do it, it’s probably a chance to replace a number of of such parts. You can find replacing components at the most hardware stores or online retailers that sell pocket doors.


With a small amount of attention and servicing, your pocket door will last for a long time. Be sure you lubricate the track regularly and keep both front door and monitor clear. You may also need to substitute worn-out elements from time to time. With just a little bit of hard work, you can preserve your pocket door looking and doing work like new for years to come!