What Are The 4 S’s To Organic Wine?

When it comes down to the wine culture, you need to follow the 4 S’s rule. 4 S stands for seeing, swirling, smelling, and sipping. Let’s go with the first step of seeing. After you’ve poured the wine into a clear glass, check the color of the wine and embrace it with your eyes. White wines are usually darker when they are older while red wines are lighter when they have been ripe for a longer period. The color can guide you with information about the wine’s production process. Now that you have examined the wine from your eyes let’s go for the next step in the process i.e., swirling.

Move the wine carefully around the glass, trying to cover the walls of the glass. This will release the aroma of the wine, which will allow you to better recognize the scent to gather more information about the wine you have chosen for the process. Let’s jump on the third S of the process. The third step is quite simple to sniff to identify the following scents.

If you are sniffing white organic wine, you can mainly identify citrus notes, such as tropical fruits. You must also note the fact that cooler places will produce more citrusy or tangy-smelling wines. However, at the same time, if it’s red wine most red wines will have red berry scents when they are younger.

Wines produced in cooler locations lean towards the red forest part of the spectrum, while warmer locations succumb to darker, riper aromas. Red wine can also have a more earthy taste like coffee, smoked, or chocolate.

In the last step, when you sip the wine, you will get to know the taste of the actual flavors of the wine. The last question you need to ask yourself before finalizing your decision to buy italian wine is do you like it or not? Your answer will decide your journey with the wine.